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Planning an extension, doing up an out building or creating a new home?

At this time of year, people are happy to take roofs off, rip down walls and start a new project! How are you planning to heat this new space? Well, here you can see we've installed a Scafell on a log store to make a statement and heat the large area within this barn conversion. A flue system has also been installed as there was no existing chimney, this will also generate heat into the room. I would also recommend a stove top fan to push the hot air out further and at a lower level. Contact us as early as possible so we can advise you how to save money before you start decorating or putting walls back up. We are happy to work...

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Draughty Fireplace / Flue?

If you don't enjoy the windswept look when you're in your front room call The Stove House. We can put a stop to that through draft whipping behind your legs and sucking all your heat up your chimney. Call 01730 810931 to arrange a survey and start saving money.

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Moving or Just Moved House?

We can supply a quote to supply and fit a new stove if the seller has taken theirs with them in the move, we can also check your chimney to see it is safe and we can even quote to install your own stove if you already have one. Contact us today to book a survey.

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