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Heat making your baffle warp?

Warped from the heat?......No not you, your baffle plate!!

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Baffled? Well the baffle is the metal plate that sits inside your stove at the top. One of its jobs is to keep the heat in your stove longer and prevents it shooting up the flue. You may have noticed it has bowed, split, or it doesn't fit correctly anymore. It can be dangerous if its warped to the point of where it keeps falling down onto your fire bed, especially when the fire is alight.

baffle / throat plate of a woodburning stove


What causes the warping of a baffle plate.

The most common cause of parts getting damaged in your woodburning stove, including a warped baffle plate is the over firing of your stove. Overfiring is when your woodburner operates at too high a temperature. This can be caused by using too much fuel at once or using the air vents incorrectly. If the fire is allowed too much oxygen it will burn fiercely and out of control thus casing damage to the baffle plate and other parts of the stove too. 

If you open the stove door to create a strong draw to help light the fire don't forget you have done this and wonder off as this will also create a furnace!

The best way to prevent this from happening and to ensure you are burning your stove at the correct temperature is to use a stove pipe thermometer. This clever little gadget tells you if you are burning it too low, just right or too hot. It should be called Goldilocks! 😝

Remember to clean your woodburner baffle

Ash will gather on top of the baffle over time and as its not visible it tends to be the place where people forget to clean.

Hot ashes sitting on top of the baffle may cause erosion and you could see holes appearing. Ensure you frequently remove your baffle plate and clean it or ask your sweep to do it on his regular visits. BUT REMEMBER to place the baffle back in the exact same position, as an ill fitting baffle can cause all sorts of trouble. If in doubt refer back to your stove manual.

You can always book a stove service with us and we can check that all your air vents, riddling bars, door/glass seals, baffle, pipe seals are all intact and working as they should be.

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