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Happy Friday to you all, Have you had anybody come up to you yet and say, 'Oh, you're going to have to take your stove out soon' or 'you won't be able to burn wood soon' or 'stoves are going to be banned' ? What a load of .....ash! You can now tell them they are totally wrong and badly informed!! In 2019 the Clean Air Act Strategy was announce forming the backbone of negative media coverage on burning wood and woodburning stoves. The original report does not reference any breakdown of appliance type within its “stove” definition, therefore open fires will undoubtedly be included in the study’s figures for “stoves”, which they say account for up to 70% of wood burnt in London alone!! Since...

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How to reduce your heating bills

Hello lovely warm people, How are you coping with your new projected oil, gas, and electricity bills? These bills are set to rise again, so I've come up with a few ways you can take back a little bit of control of this spiraling unknown fuel cost crisis. If you are already a woodstove owner, read on to get more from your stove and capitalize on the heat its producing and how to reduce down your energy bills. If you are yet to be a proud owner of a wood burner then still read on to see what benefits you are missing out on and book a survey so you to can start saving.

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Heat making your baffle warp?

Warped from the heat?......No not you, your baffle plate!! Hi Everyone, Baffled? Well the baffle is the metal plate that sits inside your stove at the top. One of its jobs is to keep the heat in your stove longer and prevents it shooting up the flue. You may have noticed it has bowed, split, or it doesn't fit correctly anymore. It can be dangerous if its warped to the point of where it keeps falling down onto your fire bed, especially when the fire is alight.   What causes the warping of a baffle plate. The most common cause of parts getting damaged in your woodburning stove, including a warped baffle plate is the over firing of your stove. Overfiring is when...

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Wine in front of the stove, don't mind if I do!

Happy Wind-day, actually it's Fri-YAY! I don't know about you but I'm fed up with May! Its been wet and now REALLY windy!! Tonight I have an appointment with my lovely woodburner and a bottle of Red. If you are planning to do the same then keep the bottle of red near the fire, but not too near, so it will be a lovely temperature. Plus your lovely warm room will help to make your cheese oozy. If your friends and family are yet to have a stove then ask them over. Now we are allowed to have friends and family come *inside our homes again make the most of it and ask them to bring a bottle. Don't forget...

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Woodburner, Electric or Bioethanol Stove? What's best?

Planning an extension or need your existing extension heated? Which fuel is best to heat your room, what are the running costs, installation costs, flame effects? These questions are all very important as they all play a major part in choosing which fire is right for you. We would need to know a few factors to advise on the heat you would require but to discuss options in brief: 1)     Wood Burner: We would prefer if possible to be involve at the building of the roof stage and work with your contractors but if its an existing extension it is still possible to install a flue system. Stoves range from £500-900 approx depending on the model and design. The flue...

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