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Autumn Stove Check List!

Well, it's finally here, Autumn! Are you ready?

Woodburning Stove Door Servicing at The Stove House, between Chichester and Haslemere. 01730 810931

  • If you haven't don't so already get your stove doors serviced. As mentioned this should be done every year, if not every other year. So bring them into us or pop in and collect the materials and do them yourself, just don't leave them! 

Signs to look for: If your glass is sooting up or you can't control the rate of burn this is a sure sign your rope seals need to be replaced. 
TOP TIP: Step 1: Firmly close the stove door and listen carefully for the soft sound of the rope gasket, not metal, hitting the body of the stove. If you hear metal then they need to be changed! If you don't move on to Step 2: Do the "paper " test. Open the stove door and close a strip of paper in between the stove door and the stove body so that half of it is inside the stove and the other half is outside. Make sure the door is closed properly. Try to pull the slip of paper out. Repeat this every 10cm around the door, it should not slip out easily. If there is an area in the door where it slips out easily, then the door seal needs redoing.REMEMBER: The seal under the glass should be checked and usually replaced at the same time as the door seal.

  • Check your firebricks for cracks. (The light vermiculite internal lining inside your stove) If you need replacements just get in touch, we can order them in or cut them in-house, the later works out a lot cheaper!
  • Vacuum the top of your baffle plate (the metal/vermiculite plate at the top, inside your stove). This can prevent the flue draught and smoke can poor into your room instead of up the chimney! Remember how the baffle is situated so to ensure it's in the correct position after vacuuming.

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