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How to reduce your heating bills


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Hello lovely warm people,

How are you coping with your new projected oil, gas, and electricity bills?

These bills are set to rise again next month, so I've come up with a few ways you can take back a little bit of control of this spiraling unknown fuel cost crisis.

If you are already a woodstove owner, read on to get more from your stove and capitalize on the heat its producing and how to reduce down your energy bills.

If you are yet to be a proud owner of a wood burner then still read on to see what benefits you are missing out on and book a survey so you to can start saving.


1) Don't put that fire to bed just yet! In spring we usually think about cleaning it out and sprucing it up to look pretty for the next couple of seasons. Well whoa there! We are still yet to have a few chilly evenings and what's the point of putting that heating on to heat the whole of your home when you'll probably only be in the lounge for the evening? Light it up and settle in for the night.

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2) While you have that stove on make use of the top of it being like a slow cooker!! Just brown/seal your meat off in a large flat bottomed pan on the hob then add the rest of the casserole ingredients and just pop it on the top. Sit back and enjoy a movie while your dinner is cooking and you are keeping warn. Plus there's no need to panic from thinking that these things are making your 'smart meter' spiral into oblivion, its the cost of a couple of logs. If you wanted, turn out the lights!! The fire is creating a lovely ambiance, why spoil it? 

Remember any one pot dish, or a slow cooker recipe can be achieved on top of your stove. Make enough for 2 nights if the pot is big enough and the surface of the the top of the stove can take it. Soup and crusty bread is another idea, chili, curry, pot roast chicken, the list is endless.

3) Your lounge is lovely and warm and now you've decided its time to go to bed. Put the airer out in the lounge and let those clothes just finish off drying.

It is best to leave a window open just a bit or get a good through draft the next day, so not to allow any moisture build up within the room.


We can adapt, we don't have to accept these huge inflated prices, throw us a challenge and we'll rise to it. Remember you are amazing.

Need more wood? And I mean good wood, not heavy wet stuff that produces no heat, come on, I've taught you better than that.

Use this discount link on us and receive 5% off your first order from White Horse Energy.

You see, I'm saving you money again! Plus you can use it on your BBQ fuels as well as your stove fuels!!

Keep warm, keep safe and keep smiling.


The Stove Lady





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