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How to reduce your heating bills

Hello lovely warm people, How are you coping with your new projected oil, gas, and electricity bills? These bills are set to rise again, so I've come up with a few ways you can take back a little bit of control of this spiraling unknown fuel cost crisis. If you are already a woodstove owner, read on to get more from your stove and capitalize on the heat its producing and how to reduce down your energy bills. If you are yet to be a proud owner of a wood burner then still read on to see what benefits you are missing out on and book a survey so you to can start saving.

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DEFRA - Cleaner Fuels Announcement, February 2020

DEFRA (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) Just to clarify what fuels are to be banned and what you can still burn in your stove here is a section from DEFRA on the Government website. You can read the full article here.   Cleaner Fuels Announcement - February 2020 On Friday 21st February 2020 Defra announced their response on their cleaner domestic burning of solid fuels and wood consultation. The consultation took place between August and October 2018 and focused on England only. The proposals in this consultation included: restrictions on the sale of wet wood for domestic burning phasing out the sale of traditional house coal applying sulphur standards and smoke emission limits to all manufactured solid fuels Burning wet wood can result...

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Logs seasoning amongst the bluebells .

Went for a lovely bluebell walk a couple of weeks back and saw somebody was getting organised!! Nows the time to stack your wood and get it seasoned so it's nice and really dry ready for you when you need it.  Never burn green wood. Why? Read more here.... If you would like to know what fuel to burn on your stove or tips on how to stack wood please read on here...

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When the Ecodesign programme comes into force for stoves in the UK in January 2022 it does not mean you are unable to use your existing stove or that you have to replace it as of yet. This is because the Clean Air Strategy does not say there will be a ban on the use of existing wood or multi-fuel appliances, nor do you need to modify your appliance. However, you should be burning quality dry “Ready to Burn” wood or quality smokeless fuels. Kiln dried logs are the best to use as they have 20% or less moisture content.   REMEMBER - You can’t burn water! The energy in your fire will be used to try to keep the wood burning instead of being...

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