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Rusty woodburning stove and how to prevent it.

Light your stove in the warmer months, why?

Your wood/multi-fuel stove will be made of steel or cast iron and can be susceptible to rust and corrosion. Rainwater and condensation will gather in your stove via your flue. This happens all year round but in colder months you would be using your stove during this period and this would obviously evaporate the moisture build up.  

Rusty woodburning stove and how to rectify it, by The Stove House 01730 810931

If this moisture is left to sit it will cause corrosion especially if you’ve forgotten to remove all your ash (which you should do at the end of each burn season). Obviously, the amount of water that gathers will depend on the flue system you have, how exposed your chimney is and the weather conditions.

To help reduce this:

  • Ensure your rain cap /bird guard or slabs are still intact and in place to help reduce the amount of water entering from the top of the flue.
  • Light your woodburner from time to time throughout the warmer months to aid evaporation, especially if there has been quite a wet spell.

If you find that your stove handle has seized, screws holding the glass in have welded themselves in place not allowing you to change the rope seal, the riddling system has got stuck or you have rust patches showing on your stove we can help.

Don't panic book a stove service and we will do a maintenance check for you and get your stove working and looking as good as the day it was installed.

Keep smiling-Keep warm 😍 Lara

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