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Second Hand Stove Vs New Stove

New Stove Vs Old Stove
There are a lot of second-hand stoves on the market now and with upcycling being so popular it now means there is a woodburning stove available to suit any budget. Be warned though a bargain second-hand stove could cost you more than a new one in the long run.
Any second-hand stove should be thoroughly serviced before being installed. Servicing and installation should be carried out by a HETAS engineer.
  • Check the body of the stove: If the body is made of thin steel it could rust through or twist and warp. If it's made of cast iron ensure there are no splits in it. If any of the above are present leave well alone as these faults can't be fixed and can be very dangerous.
  • Check the stove is still being manufactured so you can easily buy spares.
  • Stove glass is not the same as ordinary glass and is quite expensive to replace. Plus a stove door service must be carried out on every second-hand stove so you know all rope seals are new, correct size and have been fitted correctly otherwise it will burn inefficiently and you will have no control over the rate of burn. 
  • Check firebricks are present and inspect for cracks, all riddling bars are present and move with ease. Check the ash pan is not rusted through and air vent controls move the full range that they are supposed to.
  • Lastly, check the age of the stove as most, but not all, stoves made from about 2000 have an airwash system which ensures the glass stays clear when burning and a tertiary burn system which makes the stove more efficient and burn more cleanly.
If you need your second-hand stove serviced and/or installed or for a quote for a new stove please contact us.

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