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Kamado Grill - The Ultimate in alfresco dining

Thought I'd show you our new arrivals. I have one and its amazing! Its a Kamado and it can cook pizza, ribs, roasts, sears, grills, fries, smokes, bakes and even can be used as a slow cooker! I highly recommend them and we sell them cheaper than anybody else and include free delivery to your home. See more information on the 18", 21" and 23.5" Kamado Grills here. Take a look at what it's capable of doing!!

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18" Ceramic Black Kamado Grill Bundle with Accessories

BUNDLE OFFER: 18" Kamado Grill + Wireless Digital Thermometer + Divide & Conquer System + Pizza Stone The 18" Kamado grill perfect for your family and friends, glazed in a stunning black ceramic finish, it features thick ceramic walls to retain the heat and juices, providing an even cook and an enhanced flavour. With the top damper and bottom slide vent, the heat can be controlled, using the built-in thermometer, to cook such food as ribs, pizza, burgers, vegetables or sear steak.

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