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Woodburner, Electric or Bioethanol Stove? What's best?

Planning an extension or need your existing extension heated?


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Hi all,

With us all spending more time at home these days we are trying to find ways to improve our homes either by extensions, revamps, adding rooms outside, converting garages or perhaps creating lovely Airbnb's but how are you going to heat it?

Which fuel is best to heat your room, what are the running costs, installation costs, flame effects? These questions are all very important as they all play a major part in choosing which fire is right for you.

We would need to know a few factors to advise on the heat you would require but to discuss 3 options in brief.......


Dik Geurts woodburning stove with flue system great for an extension from The Stove House, West Sussex 01730 810931
1)     Wood Burner: We would prefer if possible to be involve at the building of the roof stage and work with your contractors but if its an existing extension it is still possible to install a flue system. Stoves range from £500-900 approx depending on the model and design. The flue system and installation would be approx £1000-1500 for a single story extension. (It would be less if you had an existing chimney). This option will give the exact heat required for that room. Running costs depend on how often you would light the fire and your log source. PROS:This option gives constant heat and real flames and is safe to leave a light even when you are not at home or when you have gone to bed. What else can you say, it's a real fire, real flames, real heat!

electric acr woodburning stove with flue great for a single story extension from The Stove House, West Sussex 01730 810931

 2)  Electric Stove: Good electric effect stoves are £500-700 with no installation cost, but max heat would be 2kW. The flame effect produced by lights can work independently from the heater and is about £5.00 for the year (if fitted with LED bulbs) if left on for 365 days of the year! The heater to run would costs about 15p-25p p/kW p/hr depending on your fuel supplier and most are fitted with thermostats and have a remote control. PROS: Instant flame picture & heat by a flick of a switch.


bioethanol traditional woodburner stove great for a single story extension from The Stove House, West Sussex 01730 810931

3) Bioethanol Stove: Bio fires range from £550-1000 with no installation cost, produce upto 3kW approx and cost about £0.70 - £1.30 p/hr to run depending on quantity and quality of fuel purchased, so are great for occasional heating and creating an ambiance but are best not to be used as the main heat source but as supplementary. PROS: Produces a real flame without the need of a chimney and generates heat.

For more detailed information and help please do get in touch. Happy to help make your new found space warm and welcoming.

Kindest regards and keep warm, Lara 😊

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