12 Bottles of Bioethanol fuel liquid refill for Bioethanol Stoves Fires – The Stove House
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(Low Odour) Bioethanol Fuel - 12 Bottles - The Stove House
Low Odour Bioethanol Fuel - 12 Bottles - The Stove House

(Low Odour) Bioethanol Fuel - 12 Bottles

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(Low Odour) Bioethanol Fuel - 12 Bottles

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12 x 1L Bottle of low odour bioethanol fuel.
Price includes carriage to mainland UK.

What is Bioethanol fuel ? 

This bioethanol fuel is 96.6% liquid bioethanol fuel and is produced from molasses, a waste by-product of growing sugar beet, making it an environmentally friendly fuel with a low carbon footprint. 

Its designed to be used indoors and outdoors by bioethanol fireplaces and is eco-friendly, smokeless, clean-burning, odourless and ash free and produced under the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, to ensure you a consistent ethanol fuel product every time. The transparent ethanol liquid used is double rectified to 96.6% alcohol for extra purity, after which it is denatured according to EU law, to make it unfit for human consumption. Many of the well known bioethanol fireplace brands, insist on using 96.6% bioethanol liquid fuel in their fireplaces, to ensure correct operation and clean combustion.

Its is classed as a renewable fuel. The products of combustion are heat, water vapour and CO2. Because bioethanol fuels produce no soot when the burn, they can be used in cities that ban burning of solid fuels.

C2H5OH + 3O2 ---> 2CO2 + 3H2O + Heat
(Ethanol) + (Oxygen) ---> (Carbon Dioxide) + (Water Vapour)

When purchasing this fuel are agreeing to the safety information and guides found here. Each bottle incorporates a tamperproof seal, child-proof safety cap and a pouring nozzle. This ensures safe storage of your factory-sealed bottle and more control when filling your bioethanol fire.

Vanilla Scented & Deep Forest Scented also available.

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    Very Happy

    Was wanting a stove for out front room . Buy no chimney stack . And this has done the job fantastically well . Lovely flame easy to fill nice heat of it . Very happy with purchase.

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