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Finally, you can have a stove with a live fire in a property that doesn’t have a chimney by using bioethanol fuel.

Bioethanol stoves


Our fires produce real flames and warmth in any room inside the house but also perfect for heating Shepherds Huts, Conservatories, Summer houses, work shops and even sheds. As there is no flue required you can now have a fire where ever you want. Plus its 'eco-friendly'.


  • Easy to setup and install
  • No chimney required
  • Easy maintenance
  • No smoke, no smell
  • Also ideal for passive houses
  • Usually, give 2-3kw output 

Running Costs

  • Depending on the quantity of fuel purchased but if bought in bulk, the average running cost would be about £0.80 - £1 pr/hr.
  • Burn time: 3-5 hrs per refill dependant on chamber size and model.
  • Fuel capacity: 1 - 1.3L dependant on chamber size and model.
  • Heat output guidance: 2 - 3kW Dependant on chamber size and model.(This is more than electric fires and comparable to most flueless gas fires.)
  • Flame Regulation: yes
  • Heat adjustable: yes
  • Fuel Suitable: Bio-Ethanol Fuel (maximum ethanol content: 96%). NOTE: Gel fuel is NOT suitable.

Please read our Bioethanol Safety Advice.