Black Bio ethanol slimline Fire No Flue Woodburning Effect Bioethanol Stove – The Stove House
Bioethanol Traditional Slimline Black Stove / No Flue
Bioethanol Traditional Slimline Black Stove / No Flue
Bioethanol Traditional Slimline Black Stove / No Flue
Bioethanol Traditional Slimline Black Stove / No Flue

Bioethanol Traditional Slimline Black Stove / No Flue


Bioethanol Traditional Black Stove / No Flue or Chimney Needed!

Free delivery to UK mainland and free log bed

Free delivery to UK mainland.

Following increasing customer demand, we are delighted to introduce a slimmer and more compact bio ethanol stove ideal for existing fireplace openings with less available space. This stylish model is a perfect solution for bringing the authentic look and charm of classic log burners into your home even if your opening has less height and depth or when you would simply like to place the stove against a flat wall, needing less protrusion.

Although more compact, it still retains all the features of the original Traditional Stove. By clever redesigning of the Wood Burner Style Bioethanol Stove, it has managed to retain all the beautiful details, high quality and ease-of-use you would expect from this range of products. An optional smaller faux venting pipe can be secured to the wall or placed on top of the stove in the existing opening, ensuring an even more genuinely rustic ambience.

With a small decorative storage area for logs, this Slim line stove comes in black graphite satin finish and will provide an eye-catching centre point in traditional interiors, cottages and contemporary living spaces. Whether you are replacing your existing wood burner or looking for a new fireplace, our bioethanol stove will give you an environmentally friendly experience of a wood-burning stove without extreme heat, ashes, soot and smoke. As log burners have been known to give out a lot of heat without the possibility to control it, our bio stoves are a great choice if you don't want an overload of heat but would still like to experience the cosiness of real flames.

Slim line Bioethanol Stove can be placed in an old redundant fireplace or against a flat wall as a freestanding unit. Featuring the high grade stainless steel Mini Burner (750 ml), this fireplace will produce mesmerizing flames for 2.5-4hrs and heat from 1 to 2.5kW depending on the setting the opening is set at. The lid on the burner includes special Fragrance Diffusers, making the stove compatible with our Aura Fragrance Oils.

To create a more authentic experience, small real logs can be placed underneath the stove and a faux pipe can be used. The mini pipe (not sold individually) comes as a separate piece and can be simply attached to the wall with a screw. Accessories such as ceramic logs or coal should only be arranged around the flame, as placing them across the flame would produce soot and odour.


  • High grade powder-coated steel body
  • Mini stove pipe (optional)
  • Double-layer stainless steel Mini Burner (750 ml)
  • Engraved sliding lid featuring Fragrance Diffusers
  • Control / extinguishing tool
  • 9 pieces Cone Log Set
  • Funnel
  • User Instructions

 Not included:

  • Fuel 
  • Lighter
  • Stove pipe (Added Option)


  • Dimensions (body): 48 W, 59.4 H, 31.7 D cm
  • Dimensions (pipe): 29 H, 12.5  cm
  • Burner capacity: 750 ml
  • Burning time: 2h 30 min - 4h (depending on the size of the aperture); flame height adjustable
  • Heat output guidance: 2-2.5 kW (This is comparable to two bars of an electric fire.)
  • Weight: 26 kg
  • Fuel suitable: Bio Ethanol Fuel (maximum ethanol content: 96%). NOTE: Gel fuel is NOT suitable.

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