Mi-Fires 21" Black Kamado Grill all in one BBQ Like the Green Egg Joe – The Stove House
Mi-Fires 21" Black Kamado Grill all in one BBQ - The Stove House
Mi-Fires 21" Black Kamado Grill all in one BBQ - The Stove House
Mi-Fires 21" Black Kamado Grill all in one BBQ - The Stove House
Mi-Fires 21" Black Kamado Grill all in one BBQ - The Stove House
Mi-Fires 21" Black Kamado Grill all in one BBQ - The Stove House
Mi-Fires 21" Black Kamado Grill all in one BBQ DIVIDE AND CONQUER SET - The Stove House

21" Black Kamado Grill all in one BBQ

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Black Kamado Grill BBQ 

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Choose from the 27" 23", 21", 18" or even the 13" mini. There is a Kamado grill size for you, your family, and your friends. All are available in a stunning black ceramic glaze finish.


Mi-Fire Kamado Grills are constructed from ceramics with an outer surface glaze that is extremely resistant to weathering. The durability of the Mi-Fire Grill is second to none; they do not rust and they will not crack. Mi-Fire Grills have precise temperature control giving exceptional results with cooking temperatures from 80°C up to 350°C. All metalwork is rust-resistant stainless steel.


Mi-Fire Kamado Grills will let you prepare your food by means of slow cooking, grilling, baking, or smoking, the Mi-Fire Grill allows you to achieve the perfect results by combining the advantages of a classic grill with those of a stone oven. The Mi-Fire Grill is designed with a low air circulation which prevents the meat from drying out and losing flavour. Wood chippings can be added which allows for a delicious, smoky BBQ taste for meat cooked on the grill. Take your cooking to the next level with a Mi-Fire Grill.


The shells are made of heatproof clay, it is non-toxic, harmless, environmental, and fuel-saving, and also the fish scale texture.
The ceramic shells can endure more than 1000 degrees of temperature without cracking.
Egg design, the temperature can quickly rise through internal recycling and convection.
Outstanding high gloss finish.
High tightness, the big meat can be well-done easily.
Standard features: Ceramic Shells, firebox, Fire Ring, Trolley stand with brake, two assembly bamboo side shelves, a stainless steel cooking grill, Cast Iron adjustable top damper and crate, etc.

  • Top vent
  • Temperature gauge
  • Spring-loaded lid for soft closing
  • Side shelves
  • Bottom vent
  • Casters
  • Band/Spring/Stand: S/S
  • Cooking Grid: S/S (Diameter 6mm S/S)
  • Fire Ring / Fire Box: Mullite (Resistant to 1000°C)
  • Grill Dome/Grill Base: Mullite (Resistant to 1000°C)
  • *Divide and Conquer Grilling System (Optional Extra)


Item Kamado Grill - 21 inch
Main body Diameter 55cm
Dia of Cooking Grid 46.7cm
Assembled Dimension (LxDxH) 130 x 73 x 122cm
Operation Height 92cm
N.W. 69.5Kg
G.W. 83Kg


Please note that with all Kamado style grills the glaze may produce a slight crazing effect after several firings this is a natural process the glaze can go through as the grill heats and cools over time. 


The Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System for your Kamado Grill unlocks what your Kamado can do because the half-rack design allows you to cook different foods on different levels giving you the ultimate control. This is the best accessory you can buy for your Kamado and consists of two half-moon stainless steel grills which can be us together to create a full-size additional cooking grill or split over two levels to offer different height cooking areas for your food plus two half-moon ceramic cooking stones ideal as heat deflectors or can be used as a pizza stone or additional cooking level.   Including a top accessory rack so you can reinstate your original cooking grill provides three tiers of the cooking area at the same time. 
The system comprises:
1. Stainless Steel Framework
2. Two half-moon stainless steel cooking grids
3. Two half-moon ceramic cooking plates.
4. Top accessory rack

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