Dik Geurts Soren 5 Low EA Stove available at The Stove House
Dik Geurts Aste 5 Low - The Stove House
Dik Geurts Aste 5 Low - The Stove House
Dik Geurts Aste 5 Low - The Stove House

Dik Geurts Soren 5 Low

Dik Geurts Soren 5 Low

Compact and sturdy fireplace

A sturdy look with clean lines and lots of fire visibility. Easy to install in an existing situation. The cast-iron door, with stylish door handle, and the classic legs give the fire a robust appearance. Because of its compactness and various options, the fireplace saves space and can be placed anywhere. 


  • Brand: Dik Geurts
  • Category: Wood stoves
  • EcoDesign Ready             
  • Energy efficiency class: A+
  • Model: Freestanding
  • Fire view: Front
  • Shape: Horizontal
  • Fuel: Wood
  • Combustion system: Combustion air from outside, Combustion air from living area
  • Suitable for passive houses         
  • Glass window: Standard glass
  • Door type: Hinged door
  • Control: Manual control
  • S-Thermatik NEO: X
  • Colours: Dark anthracite
  • Material: Steel
  • Interior: Vermiculite natural
  • Output net min. (kW): 4,0
  • Output net max. (kW): 7,0
  • Nominal heat output: 5
  • log length (cm): 35
  • Efficiency (%): 82
  • CO emission (%-13% O2): 0.09
  • Particulate Matter (mg/Nm3-13% O2): 8
  • OGC/CxHy (mg/Nm3-13% O2): 62
  • NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2): 78
  • Built-in depth (mm): 378
  • Fire view width (mm): 319
  • Fire view height (mm): 327
  • Weight (kg): 85
  • Flue: Top, Rear
  • Flue Ø (mm): 125/130
  • External air connection: Rear
  • Convection connection: X
  • 230V necessary: X
  • Approvals: EN13229, Flamme Verte, BlmSchV, Defra, EcoDesign
      • See here for more information and to view the full brochure.

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