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The Stove House is back open!

Hello lovely wood burners! Long time no speak or see! I hope you are all well and now enjoying the bit more freedom we can all share. Our showroom is now back open and phone lines are manned again! Yippee!! Half way through spring and I'm sure you are reducing down the use of your stoves. Here's a few reminders: Now is the time to spring clean your stove/s. Check and replace door and glass rope seals. Inspect the fire bricks for cracks Clean all the ash out if you are intending not to use them again until next season and leave the door a jar to allow air to circulate or at least all the air vents fully open. Check the...

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Planning an extension to your home?

Don't put your stove to bed yet! You still need it. Plus now's the perfect time to get one installed if you are planning an extension. Here we have just finished an installation of an ACR Neo C3 woodburning stove with an external flue system. No brick chimney required. We are still doing surveys and quotes, get in touch today by email on: or click here

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Happy Text from customer

Always so lovely to get a 'happy text' from our clients. Hi Lara,  The service was great, thank you! I am looking forward to the delivery. Beth Remember, you don't need a fireplace or a chimney to have a stove! Call us now to find out more on 01730 810931 or drop us an email 

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Wood Ash - Do's & Don'ts

Just to remind those of you who have already got a stove, that Spring is now well established and if you are planning not to use your stove for a few weeks then please remember to empty the ash out. At the end of the heating season, it is appropriate to remove the ashes from your stove because the ashes actually have the potential to draw moisture that can cause rusting of metal components. The acidic nature of the ash combined with moisture can be very destructive to the metal components.

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