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Green Wood

Green wood is freshly cut wood and is extremely high in moisture, often as much as 50% content! It weighs a lot more than dry wood and must not be burnt on fires.

Seasoned Wood

Seasoned wood is when it has been left to air dry wood and the moisture content has reduced to about 25%. To see how you can season your own wood see our ‘tips on stacking wood’.

Time Frame For Seasoning: Green wood to Seasoned wood varies dependent on the wood variety: Dense hardwoods: Beech, Oak, Sycamore etc we would recommend 2-3 yrs. Ash, Poplar, Birch, one year should be fine as long as it was a good dry summer.

Rotating Wood

Even when you have stacked you logs the damp weather will still creep into it so try and rotate your logs by having a store or basket inside your house. Keep it topped up so the warmth from your house dries your wood out more.

Kiln Dried Logs

The most efficient logs for wood burning stoves and open fires. Less than 20% moisture and easy to light, cleaner than seasoned wood so it's easier to store so less chance of your chimney being choked up with deposits and lighter to carry.

  • Burns for up to three times longer than unseasoned wood.
  • Less residual moisture than seasoned logs.
  • Reaches higher temperatures quicker and for a longer period.
  • You can burn kiln dried hardwood straight away - no extra drying time is required.
  •  Can also be used for pizza ovens, chimeneas, or braziers.
  • Lighter to carry.
  • Comes in bags, easy to stack.

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You can’t burn water! The energy in your fire will be used to try to keep the wood burning instead of being converted into heat. Also, you will create heavy deposits that will coat your door glass and liner and shorten its life expectancy.
Dry wood is more cost effective. If in doubt buy one of our moisture meters and ensure the wood you burn is 20% moisture content or less.

Moisture Meter

Kiln Dried Logs


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