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Fuel for thought!

Why wood n't you?

Wood and fuel advice for woodburning stoves from The Stove House, between Chichester and Haslemere. 01730 810931

It's time to ensure you have fuel to burn and the quality of it!!

  • Order your wood now if you didn't in the summer, as you may be left out in the cold, literally! Click on this link for some of my Wood tips. 
  • Get your chimney swept every year and ask the sweep what the 'build-up' has been like over the year. This tells you how well you've been burning your stove...or not! Plus it also tells you what the quality of the fuel was like. Heavy build up tells you that you've been burning your stove too low and the fuel was either damp or 'dirty' (treated or has heavy deposits).
  • We sell special powder to burn on the fire to loosen soot and deposits, chimney sweeps highly recommend using it on a regular basis and so do we.
  • Use a 'moisture meter' to ensure your wood has the correct moisture content. No more being told that the wood you've been delivered is 'perfect'. One quick stab and the little lights will tell you if it is or isn't. Remember, 'you can't burn water'! 
  • A stove thermometer is another great accessory - this is a magnetic gauge that either sits on top of the stove or on your flue pipe and points to the temperature that your stove is running at, thus showing you if you're over or under firing it. Over firing will cause damage to your stove and underfiring will prevent the 'airwash' working and create heavy build up on the glass and inside the flue.

All these items we have for sale in the showroom and I'll be happy to show you how they work.

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