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Woodburner, Electric or Bioethanol Stove? What's best?

Planning an extension or need your existing extension heated? Which fuel is best to heat your room, what are the running costs, installation costs, flame effects? These questions are all very important as they all play a major part in choosing which fire is right for you. We would need to know a few factors to advise on the heat you would require but to discuss options in brief: 1)     Wood Burner: We would prefer if possible to be involve at the building of the roof stage and work with your contractors but if its an existing extension it is still possible to install a flue system. Stoves range from £500-900 approx depending on the model and design. The flue...

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#Planning an #Extension or #NewBuild?

If you are intending to have a #woodburner heat your new #extension. Ensure you get The Stove House involved early on in the plans as this can save you money further down the line. We may be able to use your existing scaffold, give your builders advice for correct materials to use around where the #stove is to be situated or inform the roofer of the flue exit point. Contact us now for more advice.

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