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Wood Ash - Do's & Don'ts

Just to remind those of you who have already got a stove, that Spring is now well established and if you are planning not to use your stove for a few weeks then please remember to empty the ash out. At the end of the heating season, it is appropriate to remove the ashes from your stove because the ashes actually have the potential to draw moisture that can cause rusting of metal components. The acidic nature of the ash combined with moisture can be very destructive to the metal components.

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Your Stove Checklist

STOVE CHECKLIST Get your chimneys swept every year by a NACS chimney sweep. Stove door rope seals need to be replaced every year if not every other year. This ensures maximum efficiency, correct fuel consumption and keeps the glass clean. We offer a full door reconditioning service or can supply you the spares to do it yourself.  Vacuum out the fire box and ash pan at the end of the burn season, usually around June/July. Otherwise, moisture mixes with the ash and causes erosion. (Only needs to be done once a year!) Wood ash is fantastic for flower beds and vegetable patches. Only burn dry seasoned logs this prevents tar build up within the stove and the chimney. We sell...

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