The Stove House is back open!

The Stove House is back open!

Hello lovely wood burners!

Long time no speak or see! I hope you are all well and now enjoying the bit more freedom we can all share. Our showroom is now back open and phone lines are manned again! Yippee!!

Half way through spring and I'm sure you are reducing down the use of your stoves.

Here's a few reminders:

  • Now is the time to spring clean your stove/s.
  • Check and replace door and glass rope seals.
  • Inspect the fire bricks for cracks
  • Clean all the ash out if you are intending not to use them again until next season and leave the door a jar to allow air to circulate or at least all the air vents fully open.
  • Check the riddling system and air vents are moving correctly.
  • Get the sweep to clean the top of the baffle plate on their next visit and ensure they put it back in the correct place as this will effect the performance of the stove. Or get the vacuum in there yourself.
  • Order your wood now and get it stacked, be the envy of your neighbours because you are so organised and prepared!

People always leave it to Autumn for their stove door service and this is always a problem as our showroom is really busy then and your doors could be with us for a while which means you being with out your stove a light during the cold nights. SO bring them in now! We're here and happy to help sort the materials out for you to do them yourself or we can do them for you.

Door service link.

Stove service link.

Happy Thursday, keep smiling and keep warm,


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