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Happy Text from customer

Always so lovely to get a 'happy text' from our clients. Hi Lara,  The service was great, thank you! I am looking forward to the delivery. Beth Remember, you don't need a fireplace or a chimney to have a stove! Call us now to find out more on 01730 810931 or drop us an email 

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What size heat output / kW wood burning stove do I need?

We ask you a series of questions which gradually narrows down the stove range to a selection that personally suits your requirements. You will receive face to face advice on our stoves and we will listen to what you visually would like to achieve as well as what your heating needs are. We will survey your fireplace or space where you would like the stove to be positioned and compile a detailed report which will allow us to establish the correct size of stove and heat output you require. It also may be helpful to watch our video on 'How to choose stove-3 questions to ask yourself'.

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Fuel for thought!

It's time to ensure you have fuel to burn and the quality of it!! Order your wood now if you didn't in the summer, as you may be left out in the cold, literally! Click on this link for some of my Wood tips.  Get your chimney swept every year and ask the sweep what the 'build-up' has been like over the year. This tells you how well you've been burning your stove...or not! Plus it also tells you what the quality of the fuel was like. Heavy build up tells you that you've been burning your stove too low and the fuel was either damp or 'dirty' (treated or has heavy deposits). We sell special powder to burn on the fire to loosen...

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Autumn Stove Check List!

If you haven't don't so already get your stove doors serviced. As mentioned this should be done every year, if not every other year. So bring them into us or pop in and collect the materials and do them yourself, just don't leave them!  Signs to look for: If your glass is sooting up or you can't control the rate of burn this is a sure sign your rope seals need to be replaced. TOP TIP: Step 1: Firmly close the stove door and listen carefully for the soft sound of the rope gasket, not metal, hitting the body of the stove. If you hear metal then they need to be changed! If you don't move on to Step 2: Do the "paper " test. Open the stove door and close...

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