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The Stove House is back open!

Hello lovely wood burners! Long time no speak or see! I hope you are all well and now enjoying the bit more freedom we can all share. Our showroom is now back open and phone lines are manned again! Yippee!! Half way through spring and I'm sure you are reducing down the use of your stoves. Here's a few reminders: Now is the time to spring clean your stove/s. Check and replace door and glass rope seals. Inspect the fire bricks for cracks Clean all the ash out if you are intending not to use them again until next season and leave the door a jar to allow air to circulate or at least all the air vents fully open. Check the...

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Vermont Casting Defiant Stove Door Service

The owner thought their #stove #doors were beyond repair. We have given them a new lease of life!  For more information on The Stove House and stove servicing, woodburning stoves and installation service which offers a full fitting service by HETAS qualified installers please contact us here. A stove survey for supply and fit can be carried out and a full quotation will be emailed to you usually within 2 hours of the appointment. We also offer a service where we can come out to site and show you how to use your existing stove correctly or to assess an original stove installation.

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Why does the rope on my stove door need to be replaced?

The rope which is found around the inside of your woodburning stove door and under its glass is ok until it burns away, gets hard or falls out! The gaps around the door and under the glass get bigger from where the rope seal has deteriorated, then the fire will start to suck air in and create a furnace, thus making the stove uncontrollable and over firing the stove which can cause damage to the stove and possibly create a chimney fire. On a boiler stove, it can also split the boiler and pipework! That’s why its OK to leave for a short period of time but depending on how often you use the fire and what temperature it is reaching it's...

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Autumn Stove Check List!

If you haven't don't so already get your stove doors serviced. As mentioned this should be done every year, if not every other year. So bring them into us or pop in and collect the materials and do them yourself, just don't leave them!  Signs to look for: If your glass is sooting up or you can't control the rate of burn this is a sure sign your rope seals need to be replaced. TOP TIP: Step 1: Firmly close the stove door and listen carefully for the soft sound of the rope gasket, not metal, hitting the body of the stove. If you hear metal then they need to be changed! If you don't move on to Step 2: Do the "paper " test. Open the stove door and close...

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Woodburning Stove Serviced and revamped by - The Stove House your local stove installer and supplier, between Chichester and Haslemere. 01730 810931

Does your stove look rusty, tired and old? Then give it a facelift! The Stove House can put life back into your poor old stove and make it look like new. See here what this stove did look like and what it looks like now. What a transformation! It is essential that all solid fuel burning appliances are serviced at regular intervals, typically prior to the start of each heating season.  A faulty stove and installation not only wastes money on fuel but can potentially release poisonous Carbon Monoxide into the property.   For more information on The Stove House and charges on a stove revamp like above please contact us here. 

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