Ebios fire bioethanol modern fires and stoves for inside and outside. At The Stove House 01730 810931


ebios-fire® bioethanol stoves and fires fit perfectly into private residences, in low-energy and passive houses, in luxury apartments and garden conservatories – our ebios-fire® bioethanol fireplaces are right at home in any place where style, atmosphere and flair are valued, as they require neither a chimney nor a flue.
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Ebios fire bioethanol modern fires and stoves for inside and outside. At The Stove House 01730 810931

With a wide selection of product designs including floor, table top and wall-mounted models as well as customised built-in fireplaces, ebios-fire® bioethanol fireplaces combine maximum safety with high quality and a unique style. They make it easy to create a blazing focal point for any living space.

In close cooperation with architects and interior designers, the ebios-fire® experts at SPARTHERM create custom-made bioethanol fireplace solutions for luxury developments, private residences, regal palaces, offices, hotels and spa resorts.


ebios-fire® fireplaces can only be used with bioethanol. Bioethanol, a renewable fuel generated through fermentation of sugar and starch components of plant by-products – primarily sugar cane, potatoes, grains and hay – has a neutral environmental footprint.
BIO ETHANOL FUEL what its made of and how its carbon neutral and greener for the environment
In addition to heat, burning bioethanol only generates water vapour and carbon dioxide (CO2), making ebios-fire® fireplaces practically odour-free. This makes a chimney or flue completely unnecessary. Our Passo E model is the only exception.
As an alcohol-based liquid, bioethanol begins to evaporate at around 12°C. The vapours generated from this process are heavier than air and therefore remain on top of the surface of the liquid bioethanol. It is therefore only the ethanol gas, not the liquid ethanol, which burns when lit.
As a renewable energy source, bioethanol is used for a wide variety of purposes nowadays: When blended with petrol, it makes transport fuel more sustainable; it is used in production processes of the medical, cosmetics and food industry. And – last but not least – it creates a beautiful, lively flame with practically no odour or residue when used in ebios-fire® appliances. Click here to see more:

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